Maximizing Your Celebration: The Benefits of a Friday Wedding

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7 Compelling Reasons to Choose Friday for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting journey filled with countless decisions, and one of the first choices you'll make is the wedding date. Traditionally, Saturday has been the go-to choice for weddings. However, in Indianapolis and across the nation more couples are now opting for Friday weddings - and for good reason. Choosing a Friday wedding can be a smart, stylish, and cost-effective choice that offers several advantages. Let's explore seven compelling reasons to have your wedding on a Friday.

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1. Flexible Timeline

One of the most significant advantages of a Friday wedding is that it provides a more flexible timeline. With the weekend just beginning, some couples may take advantage of a Friday wedding by allowing it to extend their celebration, allowing ample time to enjoy the pre-wedding festivities and post-wedding relaxation. No one will feel rushed, and you can savor every moment, from the rehearsal dinner on Thursday night to a farewell brunch on Sunday morning. Of course on the opposing side, it also offers the flexibility for your wedding to not take up an entire weekend. Some guests may appreciate the Friday nuptials so they can then head home at the end of the night or on Saturday morning in order to still have a full weekend for other plans or to simply relax.


2. Availability

Choosing a Friday wedding can increase your chances of securing your wedding dream team. At each of Crystal’s distinct venues - The Crane Bay, The Indiana Roof Ballroom, and The Heirloom - Saturdays tend to book up not only first, but also further in advance. And this isn’t only true for venues, but also highly sought after vendors like caterers, photographers, florists, wedding planners, and musicians leaving couples with fewer options. Friday weddings also assist with rehearsal dinner planning as Thursdays are even less in demand than Fridays. Also, with Saturday being a more popular day to choose for all types of events and functions, a Friday wedding also tends to increase the availability of your guests, maximizing the number of people that can be there and celebrate. 

3. Cost Savings

Budget considerations are a significant factor in wedding planning, and Fridays are often more budget-friendly than Saturdays. Many venues and vendors offer lower rates for Friday events (as well as Thursday rehearsals) or additional perks, helping you make the most of your wedding budget without sacrificing quality. Each of Crystal’s venues offer a lower rental rate for Fridays compared to Saturdays - please reach out for a specific quote.


4. Venue Access

When choosing a less popular day of the week you may be able to access the venue for set-up at an earlier time. If the venue does not have any Thursday commitments you may be able to get in even a day earlier and be more involved during the set-up process compared to if set-up was only able to occur on the actual wedding day. This can reduce stress and give you and your vendors ample time to perfect the details.

5. Guest Appreciation

Having your wedding on a Friday shows thoughtfulness towards your guests. They can enjoy your wedding without necessarily giving up their entire weekend, and this can be especially appreciated by those who have other work commitments or family obligations on the weekend. If your wedding includes travel, flight and hotel availability as well as rates can also end up in cost savings for your guests, which they would surely be grateful for.


6. Honeymoon Perks

Opting for a Friday wedding allows you to start your honeymoon early the following week, giving you extra time to unwind and recharge after the celebrations. Alternatively, it could give you a jumpstart to your honeymoon as well as some travel cost savings. Plus, with being able to start your honeymoon earlier on a Saturday you may not have to request as much time off of work for those with a standard Monday-Friday schedule.

7. Unique and Memorable

Friday weddings stand out as unique and unconventional. For example, if you envision a wedding with non-traditional timing, such as a brunch or an afternoon ceremony, Friday weddings can be more accommodating to these alternative schedules. Fridays also break away from the norm, making your wedding memorable for you and your guests. It's a great conversation starter and can set the tone for a more relaxed and personalized event. Crystal’s family of three distinctive, premier downtown Indianapolis venues each offer a unique setting for memorable weddings. The marquee Indiana Roof Ballroom offers elegance and grandeur. The modern, versatile, and spacious The Crane Bay Event Center provides a sophisticated backdrop. And The Heirloom operating in the N. K. Hurst Building, brings historic industrial ambiance to life with exposed brick, wood beams, and polished wood floors. All three spaces offer convenient access to downtown hotels and amenities, including the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium, and come with the seasoned expertise of Crystal’s culinary and event professionals.


As you can see, choosing a Friday wedding can offer numerous advantages, from extending the celebration to saving costs and more easily accommodating your guests. It's an excellent choice for couples who want a unique and unforgettable wedding experience. So, if you're in the process of planning your big day, don't overlook the idea of a Friday wedding and contact Crystal Signature Events to see how we can help. It may just be the perfect fit for your vision and priorities, offering a fantastic start to a lifelong journey of love and happiness.