Event Feature | Hines Gannon Wedding At The Roof Ballroom

This article first appeared in Sophisticated Living magazine’s “Sophisticated Celebrations”, written by Annie Mosbaugh Knapp for the November/December 2022 issue.

Downtown Wedding at The Indiana Roof Ballroom in Indy

Hines Gannon First Dance - Wedding at The Indiana Roof Ballroom

The wedding of Kristen Hines and Patrick Gannon on Saturday, July 23, 2022  at The Indiana Roof Ballroom was a genuine celebration of their love and friendship. The two met while they both worked at Yelp in Chicago, and Patrick was Kristen’s boss! It was love at first sight for both of them.

Fairy tale wedding at Indiana Roof Ballroom

The two shared a 700 sq. ft apartment at Marina Towers (including the outside balcony) for two years, and that was a true test of their love for sure!! Kristen always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, and the Indiana State House and Indiana Roof Ballroom were perfect backdrops for a fairy tale wedding and romance!

Sparkler Exit - WEDDING AT THE INDIANA ROOF BALLROOM (downtown Indy)

They had a magnificent sparkler exit; the band did not take one break so there were three straight hours of dancing and a full dance floor! Kaitlin Pennington, Maid of Honor, broke tradition by making her speech more of a “drinking game”! Every time she said “Pat”, the groom’s name, the guests had to say “Cheers” and drink! Kristen and Patrick are a very fun couple and this was fitting for their special day!

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Details